WWYBW, St. Joseph, MO?

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The fourth installement in our WWYBW video series features four Olympic fans from St. Joseph, MO, including (among others) Mayor Bill Falkner and Dennis Snethen, a four-time Olympic coach.

Follow these links for earlier installements: West Virginia; Greenville, N.C.; Bryan/College Station, Texas.

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  • 1. Rose Mary Burton  |  07/26/12 at 11:36 am

    We live in St. Joseph, Mo. My brother who is a Suddenlink customer was under the impression when he signed up for Suddenlink Cablevision that there would be a channel where he could watch the St. Louis Cardinals baseball games. He cannot find such a channel and the people at the St. Joseph Suddenlink office told him that they cannot answer that question for him. Does anyone have an answer for him. He does not have a computer so I would appreciate it if someone could reply to me about this.

    • 2. Pete  |  07/26/12 at 11:39 am

      We’ll check on the particulars and get back to you. Major League Baseball rules and network contracts dictate which games are televised in which areas, but I’m not sure how those rules/contracts treat the St. Joseph area. Again, we’ll check and let you know.

    • 3. Pete  |  07/27/12 at 8:28 am

      We did some research, as promised, and learned that a number of the Cardinal games are available on Fox Sports Plus on Channel 64 on the local lineup.


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