Texas A&M Swimmers Going for Gold

07/27/12 at 1:46 pm

Olympics watchers in Suddenlink-served Bryan-College Station, Texas, will be keeping an eye on Texas A&M swimmers in competition that starts Sunday at the London Olympics.  Breeja Larson gets things started when women’s 100-meter breastroke heats begin Sunday.  With success Sunday, Breeja can go for the gold in the finals on Monday.

Then it’s teammate Cammile Adams turn, as she participates in 200-meter butterfly heats on Tuesday.   Final medal competition for that event will be Wednesday.

Texas A&M Coach Steve Bultman is serving as a Team USA swimming coach.  Meanwhile, three Aggie swimmers will compete on the Mexican women’s Olympic team, including Erica Dittmer, Rita Medrano and Lili Ibanez.

Learn more about Aggie swimmers at the team website.  Events coverage information can be found at nbcolympics.com.

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