Suddenlink Celebrates 10 Years

02/12/13 at 4:12 pm

Today, Suddenlink is celebrating its tenth year in business. Our origins can be traced to Feb. 12, 2003, when our management team assumed responsibility for Classic Communications, a small cable operator serving approximately 300,000 customers in mainly rural communities. The company more than quadrupled in size in 2006, with the acquisitions of Cox cable systems serving approximately 900,000 customers and Charter cable systems serving approximately 240,000 customers.  Around the same time, the name Suddenlink was introduced.

Way back in 2003, Classic offered Internet service (with a top download speed of 1.5 Megabits per second) in only half of its cable systems – and offered phone service in none. A decade later, Suddenlink offers high-speed Internet service in all communities, with download speeds up to 107 Megabits per second in many areas; phone service to substantially all customers; wireless home networking; a robust line up of high-definition TV channels; TV Caller ID; a video on demand library with more than 10,000 titles; an online video service known as Suddenlink2GO; home security; and a suite of commercial services, including advertising and carrier services.

“Through the hard work of our team, an unrelenting focus on customer care, plus transformative acquisitions, billions of dollars in financings and capital investments, we turned a small company into the nation’s seventh largest cable operator with financial and operating results that are among the very best in the industry,” said Kent.

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