TWC’s “Tornado Week’ Starts Today

04/29/13 at 9:32 am

tornado week

The Weather Channel is dedicating this week to “wall-to-wall tornado coverage.” Tornado Week will feature tornado-themed episodes from TWC favorites like “Deadliest Space Weather” and “Storm Riders,” as well as three new tornado specials. 

The first special program, “Tornado 360,” (tonight, 8 p.m. CT) investigates the tornado super cell that formed in April 2011 above Little Rock, Ark., and then tore through Tuscaloosa and other Alabama towns. The program includes eyewitness testimony, graphics and animation that reveal how a simple twist in the wind can develop into an EF-5 tornado, and how one storm created four EF-5 twisters in a single day — resulting in $11 billion in damage.


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